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These are the main reasons why people want to have solar panels/ battery.

We know that some of you don’t like or don’t need to know details, and hence these brief 4 points below. But we are engineers who pay attention to details, so you can click on them to get more details too!

We will do the hard yard for you to research the market and find 2-3 trusted and competitive installers for you to choose from.

Solar panels are good for the environment because it is a way to produce energy without putting carbon dioxide and other polluting chemicals into the atmosphere. What does it take to become a carbon free home?

Australia is one of the most polluting countries in the world per capita (2500kg CO2). In other words, we all put more carbon dioxide into the atmosphere calculated per Australian than any other country. Using Solar energy reduces your footprint on the earth considerably and could lower your carbon dioxide output by ^500 kg per panel each year. In the table you can see what system size you will roughly need to offset the pollution attributed to the stated numbers below of average Australians.

Carbon Free (# of people)System Size (kW)
Figure 1; ^assumptions made are: 430kWh/year per panel produced, 1.18 kg/e-kWh Victoria 2014 & 2500kg CO2 per person per year.

After installing solar panels you will lower your electricity bill significantly. Of course how much depends on the size of the system that is installed, but you can save more than 250$ per kW over a year and you would earn your money back anywhere from 4 to 8 years.

System Size (kW)*Estimated Savings ($/y)
Figure 2; *assumptions made are: 430kWh/year per panel, 60% of energy used at home, export price 5ct/kWh, consumption price at 24ct/kWh.

In the example given here, you would earn your money back in little over 5 years.

Placing solar panels on your home is an investment that will give you value for over 20 years. 20 years+ is often the performance guarantee of the panels that are being placed on your roof. So when selling your home, you can add that value to your home. During the investment period you will almost 4 fold your investment. In all cases, investing in solar panels is better than putting your money in the bank.

System Size (kW)^Net Value Add ($)
1.75$ 5,539
3.5$ 11,075
5.25$ 16,618
7$ 22,157
8.75$ 27.696
Figure 3; ^assumptions made are: 20 years continuous production, with previous assumptions; This is in no way to be taken as property valuation, however, the following article from suggests


Almost everyone gets annoyed when the energy companies increase energy pricing. Whatever happens to pricing you can be assured your investment will still save you thousands. Because you will become more protected from the price increases of your grid-drawn electricty because a large amount of your energy production is taken up by your solar panels.

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What Wendy said about her residential Solar install...

Is that all how we can help you?

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What if we have put together a bulk-supply deal where you can get very competitive electricity rates with higher feed-in tariff than minimum? This is expected to improve your net benefit and solar payback.

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Why people haven’t gone solar?

  • 1. People they know have had a bad experience with solar or solar installers.

    We understand how you feel. Pushy and manipulative sales tactics, dishonest communication, unfair pricing, unprofessional approaches, damage to the roof or other services and unreasonable equipment failure are not uncommon.

    Therefore, Free Engineer and our partner organisation (whom you are associated with, if applicable) have used processes to prequalify a handful of proven suppliers in the market.

  • 2. Solar systems can seem expensive upfront.

    This is a fair concern and may be mainly caused by the lack of information on rapidly changing new industry.

    Did you know that:

    • Solar PV prices have come down a significant amount in recent years. Deutsche Bank notes that total module costs of leading Chinese solar companies have decreased roughly by 60 per cent in just three years (By Giles Parkinson on 20 January 2015,

    • System pricing may still come down but government rebates (such as STCs) are being phased out in stages from 2017 onwards* so NOW would be a great time to go solar!

      The sooner you install a solar PV system, the sooner you’ll enjoy free electricity. A friend of ours recently brought up an African proverb: When is the best time to plant a tree if you want the fruits? Yesterday!

    • If you become part of Free Engineer’s buying group together with thousands of others, then you would get instant access to a quality solution at competitive price

    *depends on install dates – to be confirmed at time of quoting

    Why be part of Free Engineer’s group-buying community?

    • Be part of a buying group with more power to negotiate competitive deals
    • FE monitors and continuously improves their systems and prcoesses
    • You have access to highly prequalified suppliers, which means you'll save time, effort and money researching on the web.

  • 3. Want to go off-grid, but you're waiting for energy storage costs to come down?

    Systems installed by our suppliers can be battery-ready and can be expanded to cater for storage in the future once costs come down.

  • 4. They think they have missed the boat with government rebates.

    Despite the rumour that the solar PV rebate is gone, this is not true because the STCs (Small Technology Certificate) still redeemable and only reduced by about 7%* in total ‘rebate’ value from 2016 into 2017.

    *For more details refer to

  • 5. Confused by the sheer number of installers, equipment variations and the rapidly changing market.

    Have you or anybody you know been getting 5 calls per week about solar and seen a few solar quotes with considerably varying prices, brands and designs? If we were you, we’d be doubtful and confused too.

    As an example, can you tell what's wrong with the above? It may seem neat.....but it doesn't allow safe maintenance access to the panels in the middle, hence may present future operational or OH&S problems.

    Did you know that the Clean Energy Regulator in 2015 deemed over 25% of around 2000 installed small-scale renewable energy systems in Australia unsafe or substandard? This is from their statistical inspection for compliance.


    If you’d like to have control, choices, confidence and trustworthy suppliers for your energy reduction and energy solutions, please take the next step:

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