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The purpose was born before knowing what the business or services were, which is to use energy issues to help disadvantaged people.

We help you save money & time through energy solutions – You help us save lives – We report the impact you’ve made

What if every $1 you invest to save your energy and $ in your home can help us save lives in places like Africa or Syria?

How? Our ‘Empower Projects’ channel at least $0.13 out of $1.00 of our profit towards our incredible partners on the field, such as World Vision. But we need all of you to make it happen…

To give you great price and give to the disadvantaged, we can't spend hundreds of thousands $ on marketing. Can we please count on you to 'like' & 'share' this through fb (top RHS buttons) and save lives together?

Who We Are:

Free Engineer is a story of a couple of engineers who faced challenges with limited support. Yet, they had a DREAM - to create a better environment for our children of tomorrow, while also making a difference to disadvantaged people of today, through an innovative commercial solar business. They have since partnered with top Australian suppliers and engineers to set up a trusted energy solution marketplace.

Free Engineer has been extremely blessed with the opportunities to help large organisations to small businesses, enabling them to stamp their mark as COMMERCIAL energy reduction specialists. They also started helping with RESIDENTIAL projects following multiple requests.

This movement will only work with accountability and transparency, so they built a platform for their charity partners to check transactions regularly and they’ll give you regular updates here/ on their facebook Energy Learning Hub.

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Eric Prasetyo - Director

Qualifications: Bachelor of Engineering (1st class hons) Electrical Engineering, University of Melbourne
Experience: 9 years of experience spanning technical sales, electrical design, project management, multiple suppliers (Australian and Overseas) management and business development

Eric has invested many hours researching the energy efficiency industry, inspecting installation and cross-checking with industry experts and auditors. Eric invested many hours traveling around Victoria interviewing multiple suppliers from their installation team, designer up to director level.
Areas: Solar, Power Distribution, Power Generation, Tri/cogeneration

Eric was honoured to be invited as a conference speaker at Solar Expo 2016, Melbourne on the subject: “Which solar solution and solar installer?”

Primary trainings completed:

  • Contractor Management training including OH & S
  • Financial Management and Project Investment training
  • S2/S3 – incident investigation and communicate information training
  • Lean Manufacturing System & TapRoot analysis system
  • Construction blue/ white card

Personal interest: personal development, basketball, reading, four-wheel driving, traveling, salsa dancing

Andrew van Ryneveld - Partner

Qualifications: Master of Business & Technology (University of New South Wales); Plant Engineer’s Certificate of Competency; Higher National Diploma (Mech. Eng)
Experience: 30 years of experience in business and operations management in Australia, Africa, and Indonesia within the resources sector. Sound business development, projects, contracts, and commercial experience in manufacturing, service, and supply

Andrew is passionate about utilising emerging and innovative technologies to achieve sustainable and productive outcomes. He specialises in assisting businesses and individuals embrace conservation, be LEAN in operations, and to utilise clean and renewable energy resources where possible.

Past industry experience: Nuclear Power, Resources, and related Manufacturing Industry

Other studies:

  • SIX Sigma
  • Project Management
  • Business Management for a Sustainable Environment
  • Managing Occupational Health & Safety

Personal interest: maritime history, IoT (Internet of Things), boating & sailing, hiking & exploring

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Values & Vision

To empower 50,000+ disadvantaged people through resources generated by helping people with energy solutions. Our guiding values are:



People first

TEAM - Together Everyone Achieves More


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