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You Can Save Energy to Save Lives – COVID19

If you can find out how to save 40% of your energy cost and save 116 lives, then would you consider it?

Our hearts go out to people who are doing it tough in Australia, but extremely grateful that many of us can receive more than $3000/ month from Government support?

In Indonesia where I grew up, the government can only afford $60/ month for every struggling family – it’s heart breaking! Can you imagine surviving on $60/ month during COVID19?

At FREE ENGINEER we’re privileged to partner with World Vision to save hungry children and families in less fortunate countries. Here’s how you can help our journey to support and feed 50,000+ of them:

  1. Contact our advisors (see below) for a quick, obligation-free, energy reduction assessment.
  2. We assess solar solutions with or without capital outlay for your site.
  3. Or if appropriate, we assess other efficiency technologies such as power factor correction, voltage optimisation and refrigeration optimisation (case-by-case)
  4. We can help optimise your tariff and /or find the best energy rate
  5. You may choose to donate independently to this cause (no minimum and you don’t even need to tell us) - A $50 donation can provide life-saving food for 116 hungry children and families for 1 month! But you decide the value of our time and skills.

If you want to help, then please contact us below by 30th May.

Free Engineer - COVID19 Campaign (1of2) resized.jpg

Free Engineer - COVID19 Campaign (2of2) resized.jpg

Posted on May 12, 2020

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