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Can you Smell Luus Cooking? - Solar and Kitchen

One of our recent clients is an innovative family manufacturing business in the commercial kitchen market. Here's a testimonial on the project:

Client: Luus Industries

Site: manufacturing, Sunshine VIC

Goal: maximum cost reduction while being cashflow-positive immediately

Solution: 80kW solar PV system

Our contact: Dean Levey, General Manager Testimonial by the General Manager: Navigating the sea of solar companies and then the minefield of options available can be daunting. Working with some industry-leading suppliers and installers, Free Engineer basically simplified the process for us at Luus, putting some solid and detailed recommendations on the table in a way that made it easy to understand. They were very patient as we made our final decision and in the end the process was quite painless. We now have a neat, high quality and effective solar power solution in place that is cash-positive from day 1 and that we expect to continue operating for a long time.

IMG_3787 resized.jpg

Pic: A drone photo on Luus Industries

Posted on Mar 26, 2020

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